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Collections - Awesome Bagley collections for your viewing pleasure!
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Color Codes and Rarity - Photos of over 665 colors and variations with their rarity ratings.
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ProFishCo ~ Lures For Sale - Bagley's for collecting, or fishing.
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Catalogs  - Bagley Catalogs
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Model Identification  - Learn about the different series and models made by Bagley over the years.
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Bagley Lure Values -(My personal opinion on how to determine Bagley values.)
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Dominican Identification -Help for identifying lures made in the Dominican Republic.
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Site Links -Useful links for Bagley and other lure collectors.
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The NEW Bagley's are here! -A first look at the new Bagley Originals.
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About Me -Learn a little about my life away from Bagley collecting.
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Contact Me -If you have any questions at all please click here.
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Site Links & Informative Websites

    This page is an abbreviated site map for The Colors of Bagley's website. I've also included links to information and web sites that I think would be of use to many of my fellow lure collectors.

Series/Models Identification Page (A quick I.D. photo of most of the Bagley models, with links to individual model information and identification pages.)
Catalogs of the Bagley Bait Co. (Every USA Catalog I own and sections from Japan's OFT and Angle catalogs.)
Dominican Identification (Help for identifying lures made in the Dominican Republic.)
The new Bagley Originals are here! (A first look at the new Bagley Originals.)
Bagley Values (Guildlines on how to value your Bagley lures.)
ProFishCo (Bagley lures for sale at The Colors of Bagley's webstore.)
My eBay Store (This is a link to my eBay store also named ProFishCo.)
About Me (Learn a little about my life away from Bagley collecting.)
Contact Me (If you have any questions at all please click here.)
Perfect Shad Imitation
Bagley's Perfect Shad Imitator
A-E (Color codes which start with A-E with rarity ratings.)
F-H (Color codes which start with F-H with rarity ratings.)
I-T (Color codes which start with I-T with rarity ratings.)
U-Z (Color codes which start with U-Z with rarity ratings.)
0-9 (Numerical list of color codes with rarity ratings.)
Special Order & Undocumented (The hardest to find handmade Bagley's.)

Bass Fishing Archives (Terry Battisti chronicles how bass fishing has evolved over the lifetime of the sport.)
The Zig Wag Page (Pete Lellos introduces us to the "True Duplex Movement" of Heddon's Zig Wag lures.)
Richard's Tackle Shop (New and Used Fishing Lures, Reels, and Rods, including Bagley's)

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