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Collections - Awesome Bagley collections for your viewing pleasure!
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Color Codes and Rarity - Photos of over 500 colors and variations with their rarity ratings.
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Model Identification  - Learn about the different series and models made by Bagley over the years.
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Bagley Lure Values -(My personal opinion on how to determine Bagley values.)
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Dominican Identification -Help for identifying lures made in the Dominican Republic.
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Color Codes & Rarity Ratings

    In my opinion, color is what it's all about when you're collecting and fishing Bagley lures. That's why I've spent so much time with the pictures and codes in this section of the site. At this time, I have images for over 3/4 of the colors that were produced by the Bagley Bait Co. over their 50 year history. The links below will take you to examples of over 640 different colors, or variations of colors, with their established rarity ratings.

Hot Tiger Small Fry Bass
Hot Tiger Small Fry Bass
    Numerically Bagley assigned colors this way:
  • 0 = Black
  • 1 = Red
  • 2 = Orange
  • 3 = Yellow
  • 4 = White
  • 5 = Amber
  • 6 = Green
  • 7 = Blue
  • 8 = Purple
  • 9 = Chartreuse
    I am always on the lookout for colors that I don't have and will add more to this site whenever I get them. You are welcome to contact me at mikemetzler@thecolorsofbagleys.com if you have any questions concerning any Bagley model, or color.

A-E (Color codes which start with A-E with rarity ratings.)
F-H (Color codes which start with F-H with rarity ratings.)
I-T (Color codes which start with I-T with rarity ratings.)
U-Z (Color codes which start with U-Z with rarity ratings.)
0-9 (Numerical list of color codes with rarity ratings.)
Special Order & Undocumented (The hardest to find handmade Bagley's.)

   The copyright in this website and the material on this website including without limitation the text, computer code, artwork, photographs, and images is owned by Mike Metzler and thecolorsofbagleys.com..