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Balsa B Series

    In the early 1970's Jim Bagley hired Lee Sisson to help design a shallow running cranking bait that could compete with Jim Young's hugely successful "Big O". That initial offering, "Bagley's Big B", made in 3" and 4" lengths, made a big splash in the lure industry in 1973 with wins in three National tournaments. By late November of that year it became known as the "Bagley's Balsa B" series and the Bagley Bait Co. had their bestselling offering in the "alphabet" line of crankbaits. The 1" and 2" models quickly followed completing the set most commonly referred to by their model numbers; BB1, BB2, BB3, and BB4's.

    Around 1977, for about one year only, the diving lip was changed to a wedge shape to stop breakage of the lip which was the weak link in an otherwise very durable bait. However, fishermen quickly complained the action of the lure wasn't nearly as fish enticing with this alteration so it was soon changed back. As popular as the Balsa B series is to fishermen and collectors, the "Wedgebill" is, for the most part, for collectors only.

Click image to view a larger picture. Click again if plus sign (+) is present.

    The "bib", or diving bill, on the Balsa B's were virtually the same from the start of their production in Winter Haven til the final days in Florida. As mentioned earlier, the exception was a brief period around 1977. Even into production in the Dominican Republic this model has stayed remarkably consistent. Bagley typically used the most popular hooks of the day, so when they began using the very expensive, and hugely popular, Gamagatsu hooks, they added the label "Premium" to the name and code, and were forced to begin charging more for each lure to defray the higher cost of production.

    Not pictured are Balsa B 2's in BBB2, SCB2, and SHB2. They look the same as the BB1's in those models only slightly larger. I also didn't have a picture of a BBB4 Wedgebill. There are only a few known to exist. If you find one be sure to send it my way!

Series/Models Identification Pages

B Flat (They naturally triggered the attack instinct in large bass.)
Balsa B (Bagley's hughly popular entry into the "Alphabet" lure phenomenon.)
Bang-O-B (Versatile hybrid of the Diving B and Bang-O-Lure.)
Bang-O-Lure (Jim Bagley's favorites.)
Honey/Bitty B (Bassmaster Classic Winner!)
Divin' B (The Diving B's were among the most popular Bagley models.)
Kill'R B (The Kill'R B's were the all-purpose Bagley's.)
Bagley Shiner/Pinfish (Deadly in clear water!)
Small Fry Shad (The Small Fry Shad fished as good as it looked!)

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