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Bagley Divin'B Series

    The Divin' B's, also known as Diving B's, were some of the most popular lures ever made by the Bagley Bait Co.. This series of baits consisted of DB1's, DB2's, DB3's, and DB3M's (Magnums). In particular, the DB3, with it's endorsements from many top B.A.S.S. pros (including Bill Dance and Shaw Grigsby), became Bagley's top seller of all time. The difference in length between a regular DB3 and a Magnum is about 1/2". The DB3 body (not including the diving bill and rear screw) is about 3 1/8", while the Magnum length is roughly 3 5/8". A heart on the belly of a DB3 Magnum indicates it has a rattle. There were far more Magnums made with rattles, than without.

    The lengths of the bodies of the other Divin' B's vary from 1 7/8" to 2" on the DB1's, to 2 1/4" to 2 3/8" on the DB2's. Of the two lures, the DB2 accounted for more sales than the DB1, although I've lately been hearing from DB1 enthusiasts the buying public might have been picked the wrong pony in that race. I do know that I don't seem to see near as many DB1's in the field as I do DB2's, leading me to believe fishermen are holding on to the ones they've got.

Click image to view a larger picture. Click again if plus sign (+) is present.
The three most popular Divin' Bs.
The three different DB3 Magnums.
The heart denotes a rattle.

    Up until 1980, the Diving B's were made with a thin plastic bill featuring a lead weight that helped the bait get deeper, faster. Because of breakage, they converted to a reinforced lip without lead. This changed again when the company started production in the Dominican Republic, when the Diving B's were reintroduced with lead in the lip, but with it now being reinforced. As of 2012, this is still how they are manufactured. The newer Diving B's have their model name printed on the belly of the bait, while the older models don't.

    In 1987 a weight was added to a DB3 to make it sink quicker. This model was called a "Dredge". During the testing phase for this lure, the Texas state record was caught, which had to be a pretty sound endorsement for the new model. Somewhere around the same time another DB3 was weighted, in a different part of the bait I would assume, to add to it's casting distance. This model was called the "Long Cast", which became very popular in Japan.

Click image to view a larger picture. Click again if plus sign (+) is present.
Older lead in non-reinforced lips.
Newer reinforced lips.
Diving B's after 1980 had their names written on the belly in most cases.
Long Cast and Dredge was written either on the back, or the belly of the lure.

Series/Models Identification Pages

B Flat (They naturally triggered the attack instinct in large bass.)
Balsa B (Bagley's hughly popular entry into the "Alphabet" lure phenomenon.)
Bang-O-B (Versatile hybrid of the Diving B and Bang-O-Lure.)
Bang-O-Lure (Jim Bagley's favorites.)
Honey/Bitty B (Bassmaster Classic Winner!)
Divin' B (The Diving B's were among the most popular Bagley models.)
Kill'R B (The Kill'R B's were the all-purpose Bagley's.)
Bagley Shiner/Pinfish (Deadly in clear water!)
Small Fry Shad (The Small Fry Shad fished as good as it looked!)

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