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Bagley Bang-O-B Series

    The Bang-O-B series is a versatile hybrid of some of the best features of the ever popular Bang-O-Lure, Diving B, and Balsa B lines. While the 3" and 4" models are well suited for all of the Black Bass species, the 6" and 8" models are most productive for larger predators like the Muskie and Northern Pike. The larger lures can also be trolled fairly deep to reach some of the larger suspending largemouths in deep, clear lakes like California's Lake Castaic.

    I've always considered the 6" and 8" Bang-O-B's to be great collectibles because their large surface areas really show off Bagley's many amazing colors. Collectors tend to collect what they've fished over the years making me think the larger Bang-O-B's are popular in the northern U. S., while the 3" and 4" models are most likely popular south of the Mason Dixon line.

Click image to view a larger picture. Click again if plus sign (+) is present.

    I've discovered there are quite a few undocumented models in the Bang-O-B line. The one that shows up the most is the OFT Bass'n Minnow. Bagley decided to rename the Bang-O-B 3's for the Japanese market, calling them Bass'n Minnows. The Japanese models differed from their U.S.A. counterparts because the acronyms OFT, BO3, DBO3, and OFT Bass'n Minnow were usually stamped on the backs or bellys of the Japanese versions. There is a common misperception that the OFT Bass'n Minnow's were a late model Bagley, but as you can see by the 80's packaging in my example below, this is totally wrong.

    The DDBO3 (Double Deep Bang-O-B), when found, is usually on the OFT version of the 3" Bang-O-B. I've never seen any mention of this size diving bill in any previous documentation for the Bang-O-B. I have seen a couple of examples of the double deep diving bill on the DBO6, but I believe these were prototypes, and were never put into production. The shallow bill BO6, and swivel hip DBO6 I have pictured are the only ones I've ever seen. I doubt they were ever put into production either. If anyone knows more about these two models please contact me so I can update this page.

    The Sink-n-Swim was first introduced in mid 1978. This lure has a "S" stamped on the diving bill, and was designed to sink at a rate of one foot per second.

Click image to view a larger picture. Click again if plus sign (+) is present.
Shallow, Diving, and Deep Diving Lips
DBO8 Diving Bills
All BO6 Bills
DBO6 Bills
Bass'n Minnow Pic
Swivel Hip DBO6 Pic

Series/Models Identification Pages

B Flat (They naturally triggered the attack instinct in large bass.)
Balsa B (Bagley's hughly popular entry into the "Alphabet" lure phenomenon.)
Bang-O-B (Versatile hybrid of the Diving B and Bang-O-Lure.)
Bang-O-Lure (Jim Bagley's favorites.)
Honey/Bitty B (Bassmaster Classic Winner!)
Divin' B (The Diving B's were among the most popular Bagley models.)
Kill'R B (The Kill'R B's were the all-purpose Bagley's.)
Bagley Shiner/Pinfish (Deadly in clear water!)
Small Fry Shad (The Small Fry Shad fished as good as it looked!)

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